Winter 2007

40th anniversary of Leonard Cohen’s debut album

For the first time in the digital era, expanded editions of SONGS OF LEONARD COHEN, SONGS FROM A ROOM, and SONGS OF LOVE AND HATE will arrive in stores April 24th. Each will contain previously unreleased bonus material of monumental historical importance to Cohen aficionados, as well as separate newly commissioned liner notes essays written by Rolling Stone contributing editor (and Cohen devotee) Anthony DeCurtis. Each will be specially packaged in a hardcover digipak configuration, similar to Legacy’s June Carter Cash retrospective of last year, Keep On the Sunny Side.

Listen to some very interesting streams of both Cohen and some of the myriad singers who covered his work on Official Leonard Cohen site.


Dirty Blonde The Diaries of
Courtney Love

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Courtney Love Official Website

This is a fascinating look into a fascinating and talented personality, who had the misfortune of being married to an even larger personality and talent. Courtney Love aka Mrs. Kurt Cobain. This is actually a collection of pictures of her real diaries. It's really more of a scrapbook.!

An eclectic composition of deeply personal artifacts—including letters, childhood records, poetry, journal entries, song lyrics, fanzines, show flyers, other original writings, and unpublished photographs—DIRTY BLONDE leads us through the highs and lows of one of the most captivating and creative figures in the world of popular culture. Forming a kind of impromptu memoir, the book shows Love’s accomplishments, her mistakes, her history, and her future in a whole new light. Ranging from her upbringing in Oregon through her years of living in Japan, New Zealand, and London, from her career highs with Hole and as a Hollywood leading lady to her personal heartbreak and struggles, DIRTY BLONDE is Love laid bare—like an open book.

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