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James Gang Rides Again!
The James Gang, featuring original members Jimmy Fox, Dale Peters & Joe Walsh, will be touring the US for the first time in more than 35 years. Blues-rockers JD & The Straight Shot opens for 10 of the dates. Tour starts August 10, 2006
JD's official site

Elvis Costello and Allan Tousaint are touring together!!! (also have an album out together) Check it out on Elvis's site

Sheryl Crow and Dave Matthews are touring together this summer, along with a many many others. Check 'em out on Pollstar

Here are a few of the major tour search engines:
Pollstar. This is the big daddy which has been around since the days of print! Also has news and is searchable.
Music Today has tour dates, news, liquid audio downloads.
UBL UBL Ultimate Band List is pretty good too.

****Just because you don't find anything using these tools, doesn't mean the tour you're looking for isn't happening. Check the individual artist pages and as last resort, try to find the publicist or management company of the artist and call them.

Check out individual artists's home pages. Check the Rock Links page for selected URLs. Record labels usually list them too, so check out their label. Sony and Warner Brothers control the lion's share of the game, so check out their tour pages. Then there are search engines which specialize in finding tour dates.

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